• Amorphous Reactor


    Photovoltaic, wind power, electric vehicles, rail locomotives, household appliances, uninterruptible power supply and other industries.

  • Amorphous stator core

    Amorphous materials have high saturation flux density and low loss, which is conducive to the miniaturization of the motor and reduce the temperature rise when the motor works

  • Common Mode Choke

  • Current Transformer Cores

    Nanocrystalline Instrument Current Transformer Core are widly used for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage Current Transformer. Core’s shape including: Toroidal Shape, Rectangular Shape, Oval Shape.

  • Nanocrystalline Cut Cores

    Nanocrystalline C core is upgrade product of amorphous c core, with high saturation flux density, low coercivity, low core loss, very low noise, higher frequency up to 20KHz, suitable for main power transformer, audio transformer, output inductor, boost PFC choke coil

  • Sendust Core

  • Amorphous Ribbon 1K101

    Amorphous Ribbon is an new soft magnetic material. It is produced through the advanced technology of rapid solidification of molten metal at a cooling rate of about a million ℃/sec. During this process the metal is rapidly quenched as a form of ribbon with 25-35 μm thickness, and the micro-structure of the alloy is the amorphous due to the high quenching rate

  • Amorphous Cut Core

    Amorphous C core (Amorphous Cut Core) made from amorphous Fe-based alloys offer an interesting combination of high saturation flux density and low magnetization losses, therefore they are especially suitable for PFC (Power Factor Correction) or storage chokes

  • Amorphous E Type Core

    High Saturate induction — Reducing Core Volume
    Rectangular Structure — Easy for coil assembling
    Core Cutting — Good for anti-DC-bias-saturation
    Low core loss — anti-temperature-rising (1/5 ~ 1/10 compared to silicon steel)
    Good stability — Stable working from -50℃ to 130℃

  • Amorphous Block Core

    Amorphous Block core is stacked by 0.025mm amorphous ribbon, and is designed for high power usage, easy to install, easy to winding copper wire.High saturation flux density, low core loss. Suitable for solar inverter filter, medium frequency transformer, output inductor, PFC coke.

  • Nanocrystalline Ribbon 1K107

    Fe-based Nanocrystalline Ribbon has the properties of high saturation magnetization and permeability, low coercive force and core loss, good stabilities on temperature and time effect, excellent abilities of anti-wearing and anti-rusty, and it shows the best property-value ratio among all of the soft magnetic materials

  • Nanocrystalline Ribbon 1K107B

    Compared with traditional ferrite, nanocrystalline materials have high saturation flux density (≥1.2T), low core losses, low coercivity, low or zero magnetostriction, wide adjustable permeability in the range from 400 to 900,000, and excellent thermal stability, making it an ideal choice for high-frequency power electronics.