Power Transformer Core

Usually the Hi-Power arc welding inverter’s single-ended pulse transformers require the transformer cores with low high frequency loss, high Bs and low Br so that to achieve bigger B. Output filter and energy stored inductance required the characteristics of high Bs, low loss and constant permeability, in this case, we made horizontal magnetic treatment on Nano-crystalline alloy to manufacture the transformer cores with low Br and constant permeability

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Inverter Welding Machine Power Supply
X-ray, laser, communication power supply
UPS and high frequency induction heating power supply
Charging power supply
Electrolytic and electroplate power supply
Plasma cutting machine



High Bs – Reducing Volume and Weight of the cores
High permeability and low Coercive force — Higher efficiency and less excited power of transformer
Low Br (Br≤0.2T) – Higher Magnetic flux density and output power
Low core loss – Lower temperature rising, higher efficiency of the transformer
Keep stable working at -45℃ ~ 130 ℃ for long time



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