Nanocrystalline Ribbon

Nanocrystalline Ribbon

Fe-based Nanocrystalline Ribbon has the properties of high saturation magnetization and permeability, low coercive force and core loss, good stabilities on temperature and time effect, excellent abilities of anti-wearing and anti-rusty, and it shows the best property-value ratio among all of the soft magnetic materials


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EMC Common Mode, Normal Mode Filter Chokes.
Cores for main transformer of switch power supply and control transformer.
Different Accuracy CT/VT Cores
Mag-amp and pulse killer cores



High saturate induction: minimize transformer volume

High permeability and low coercivity: promote efficiency of transformers and reduce distributional capacitance

Low core loss: minimize temperature rise of transformers

Excellent stability: with the highest serving temperature of 130℃ for long time

Relatively low cost compared to permalloys

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