Amorphous Ribbon

Amorphous Ribbon is an new soft magnetic material. It is produced through the advanced technology of rapid solidification of molten metal at a cooling rate of about a million ℃/sec. During this process the metal is rapidly quenched as a form of ribbon with 25-35 μm thickness, and the micro-structure of the alloy is the amorphous due to the high quenching rate


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Inverter reactor, transformer core
Wide constant permeable inductor core, PFC inductor core
Mid-frequency transformer core, distribution transformer core
Amorphous electromagnetic shielding material for digital devices



Highest saturate induction among amorphous alloys : Reduce component volume

Low coercivity:Promote component efficiency

Low core loss: Reduce device temperature rise

Variable permeability: Satisfy the various application requirements depending on different core heat treatment

Excellent stability: Having highest serving temperature of 130℃


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